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About loxtrax

loxtrax example screens loxtrax is a general purpose Pocket PC application that reads data as sent from a GPS device (or a file) and displays it in various ways. It displays tracks, Points Of Interest ("POIs"), maps and other relevant informations. It is free, fast, small and adapted to the users needs.

loxtrax runs on ARM V4 CPUs, as found in modern Pocket PCs. It takes advantage of a PDA's VGA display, display orientation can be changed while loxtrax is running. To use loxtrax for navigational purposes, you need a GPS device sending NMEA data (most do).

The GPS reciever can be connected via cable, as a expansion card or wireless using Bluetooth. loxtrax recovers a broken bluetooth connection automatically when running on a 2003SE device. Some PDAs have integrated GPS hardware, what should also be usable as long as the GPS device sends data on a COM-port between 1 and 8.

loxtrax and magnalox

The magnalox website offers downloads for registered users containing the track, POIs (which are derived from the stories) and maps for each magnalog. A membership on magnalox is free and without obligations.
For more informations, click on the link "loxtrax files" as found in each magnalog's menuline. The link is accessible only after logging in.

The files can be downloaded directly from a Pocket PC without the need of beeing connected to a PC, what can be very convenient when you are out in the world. A connection over WLAN or mobile phone is sufficient. The Standard Edition of the loxtrax application itself is also available Over The Air ("OTA"), just click "downloads" in the menubar above.

magnalox can be used without using loxtrax. The fileformats magnalox reads and writes are common standards which are supported by most GPS-related applications . The PDA-application loxtrax and the website magnalox are two independent projects. loxtrax supports of course the interfaces magnalox offers (and vice versa) because both projects were developed by the same author.

Registering loxtrax

After 30 minutes of operation, the unregistered version of loxtrax stops displaying background maps.
After 2.000 positions saved, loxtrax starts displaying registration reminders.
Otherwise the free version is identical to the registered version.

The ›registered version has none of these limitations.

loxtrax Functions And Features

  • uses the serial interfaces COM1 - COM8 or a file as NMEA data source
  • works with both Bluetooth- and cable GPS-mice talking the NMEA protocol (what most devices do)
  • loads maps from .PNG, .GIF, .JPG or .BMP images. Bounding box coordinates are taken from the filenames, what makes calibration easy. .PNG and .GIF maps are small and thus preserve memory on the PDA
  • selects the map for the current location with the best resolution from a defineable subdirectory
  • adapts the zoom factor to match the map's resoultion on demand
  • loads and displays prepackaged data as downloadable from magnalox. The download contains tracks, POIs and calibrated maps.
    Moving maps are displayed by the magnalox edition of loxtrax only.
  • replays existing NMEA files
  • offers four different display pages, which can be independently configured (show map, track, status etc)
  • saves the latest positions to the magnalox server if configured so ("live tracking")
  • logs the NMEA records in a file
  • displays the current position/track graphically or as text
  • display various other GPS- and position- related informations. See the screendumps page for examples
  • adapts to VGA 480x640 or standard 240x320 screen resolution
  • orientation aware, portrait or landscape mode, adapts on the fly while running
  • selectable update-interval between 5 minutes and almost continuous recording
  • small program size (< 120KB), no libraries or frameworks required. Saves precious space for your maps and data on your PDA
  • points to the probable future position depending on speed/course
  • adjustable font and symbol size, useful especially on VGA displays
  • display indicators for speed, elevation, Distance, HDOP
  • selectable colorschemes for day or night usage
  • displays Points Of Interest in various modes
  • displays user-definable texts when approaching a Point Of Interest
  • adds own POIs by pressing the center key
  • saves POIs in a Pocket Word editable file
  • display Lines Of Interest basing on GPX files (eg a track downloaded from magnalox) in various modes
  • offers an auto-zooming display, depending on the speed (fast -> large area, slow -> small area)
  • optionally alternates between overview and detailed zoom modi
  • mimimizes CPU load to optimize battery life when set to long refresh cycles
  • recovers lost Bluetooth connections (at least on 2003SE devices)
  • records your tracks, eg to create a magnalog of your activities
  • records your own POIs while en route, eg as a base for an magnalog to be created
  • loads your own POIs, which are simple editable textfiles.
  • loads your own tracks. These are .GPX files and can be displayed on the PDA as a Line Of Interest
  • runs on WM 2003 and later OS versions. Runs also on smartphones or street navigation PDAs like the Mio A701 or Asus MyPal series
...and more. Just try it out.