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loxtrax screendumps

The images below are screendumps as seen on a PDA display. Some of them are in 240x320, some are in 480x640 resolution. loxtrax can display all output in both resolutions in both orientations.

loxtrax takes advantage of a modern PDAs display capabilities and uses it's high resolution, hardware acceleration and screen orientation features. It runs without problems on less powerful PDAs as well. The symbol size is adjustable in 3 steps, allowing even VGA displays beeing readable from a larger distance. It offers two sets of color schemes for day (=bright, white background) and night (=dim, black background) usage.

From V1.4.3 on loxtrax supports 4 display "pages", that can be freely adapted (track on/off, POIs on/off etc) to the user's needs. This way loxtrax can generate simplified displays, which can be quick and convenient shifted back and forth by pressing a hardwarebutton.

Image 1:

loxtrax screendump
Basic display with position, track, speed and elevation.
The small blue square indicates good signal reception.
Taken from a 240x320 screen (=normal PDA size).

Image 2:

loxtrax screendump
Leaving the harbour on a ship. The Point Ahead display shows
your future position, assumed a constant course and speed.
Symbol size is set to "Small".

Image 3:

loxtrax screendump
A few minutes later after leaving the ship on the isle. The lines are stronger now
because the symbol size was set to "Medium" now, what took only 3 screen tabs.

Image 4:

loxtrax screendump
A track (Line Of Interest, "LOI" in loxtrax) tells you where you should be,
the red line and the crosshair tell you where you are.
You can zoom using the PDAs scrollwheel and pan using your thumb or a stylus.

Image 5:

loxtrax screendump
Approaching Io Spaceport in a clear Jupiter night...
... no, a 1:1 screendump from a night display in landscape night mode, showing six
Points Of Interest, a Line Of Interest (Track suggested) and actual GPS samples (yellow).
loxtrax can display popup dialogs with user-definable texts when the current position enters such a circle.
Note the antialiased fonts. The track is a download from www.magnalox.net.

Image 6:

loxtrax screendump
A track on a 1:50 000 moving map displaying a citymap in portrait mode.
Any .png, .gif, .jpg or .bmp image can be used as a background map.
You can modify your maps with a drawing program of your choice if required.
The actual display comes close to printed paper, the real screen size is 3.6" (5.5 x 7.4cm).
A Fujitsu-Siemens Loox 720 can render such a display faster than two times per second.

Image 7: (new in V 1.3.2)

loxtrax screendump
Point Of Interest statusdisplay. Displays information about a POI not visible here.
You can scroll through all POIs using the left-, right- or upper application keys.
If the arrow's tail center line is aligned with the red track, then you are
on course. The arrow and the text have the POIs colour, allowing to classify
POIs by colour, eg crossroads green, fireplaces red etc. The background is a
moving (Satellite-) map, the arrow lets the map shine through to preserve details.
The symbols are available in three sizes. The lower right "PeeHa"
("Peenemünde Harbour") thingy is a POI showing the shorttext and proximity
circle (better: cylinder, elevation doesn't matter).
Note the runway from the Airbase, GDR'S MIG 21s started here not so long ago.

Some of these screenshots were taken from a late pre-release version in March 2005.
Some details shown here may have changed in later loxtrax versions released meanwhile.