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activity: choose 'unspecified' if this value is not relevant
country: where the trip started
X states known
state. Expect names in local language.
'*' = wildcard,'cali*' to find 'California' etc.
X regions known
region. Expect names in local language.
'*' = wildcard, 'big*' to find 'Big Sur' etc.
duration: how much time the trip took
distance: distance between start and endpoint.
length: how long the trip was
  last modified: When it was last changed
author: ID of the magnalogs' author. Range 10000-20000
  coordinates: / latitude/longitude, decimal degrees (eg 34.291123, -117.506967) of a location in the magnalog's bounding box
keyword: Keyword, searched in the log's name and descriptions
start after: the trip must start after this date, inclusive.
Format:YYYY-MM-DD Example: 2005-12-24
end before: The trip must end before this date, inclusive.
Format:YYYY-MM-DD Example: 2005-12-24
order by: result order

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#log ID
log nametrip start datedistancedurationfunfactorrating activity state
last modifiedlengthcountrydifficulty confirm.author IDregion
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Rasenmäher / lawnmower09/16/06 12:22:41
09/19/06 09:31:36
0d 00:46:25
lawn mowing