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Loxtrax: user-approved configurations

1Windows Mobile 20031.11.1014800
2Windows Mobile 51.1.114800
3Windows Mobile 51.1.114800
4Windows Mobile 51.1.114800
5Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
6Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
7Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
8Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
9Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
10Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
11Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
12Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
13Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
14Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
15Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
16Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
17Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
18Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
19Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
20Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
21Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
22Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
23Windows Mobile 5Garmin M101.11.1014800
24Windows Mobile 5Medion PNA 1001.11.1014800
25Windows Mobile 5RTW-10001.11.1014800
26Windows Mobile 61.11.1014800
27Windows Mobile 6.1htc 42421.11.1014800
28Windows VistaGarmun Nuvi 2051.11.1014800Show where am I by Garmin Nuvi 205
29-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
30-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
31-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
32-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
33-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
34-1'windows mobile 511.1.1111
411windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
421windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
431windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
441windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
451windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
461windows mobile 5-1'1.1.1111
471windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
481windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
491windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
501windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
511windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
521windows mobile 51-1.1.1111
531windows mobile 511.-1.1111
541windows mobile 511.-1.1111
551windows mobile 511.-1.1111
561windows mobile 511.-1.1111
571windows mobile 511.-1.1111
581windows mobile 511.-1.1111
591windows mobile 511.1.-1111
601windows mobile 511.1.-1111
611windows mobile 511.1.-1111
621windows mobile 511.1.-1111
631windows mobile 511.1.-1111
641windows mobile 511.1.-1111
651windows mobile 511.1.-1111
661windows mobile 511.1.1-111
671windows mobile 511.1.11-11
681windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
691windows mobile 511.1.1-111
701windows mobile 511.1.11-11
711windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
721windows mobile 511.1.1-111
731windows mobile 511.1.11-11
741windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
751windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
761windows mobile 511.1.1-111
771windows mobile 511.1.11-11
781windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
791windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
801windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
811windows mobile 511.1.11-11
821windows mobile 511.1.111-1'
84ACER n35Windows Mobile 20021.11.1014800
85acer n35Windows Mobile 2002internal gps receiver1.5.484800thanks for great work
86Acer n35Windows Mobile 2003Acer n351.5.489600no problems
87Acer n50Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionHaicom HI-303 III1.5.454800
88ACvThQgNQeqWindows Mobile 5jMLvDdQnQiONcvO1.11.1089600USA
89AHMrAkwQtWindows Mobile 5qUHclGtAq1.11.10619200USA
90AKrvJSUfQqgSWindows Mobile 5YAhZDvoJMF1.11.10438400USA
91Asus 730Windows Mobile 2003HOLUX GPSlim 2361.5.464800
92Asus A636Windows Mobile 5Integrated1.5.454800Seems to work fine. Additional test will follow
93Asus A730Windows Mobile 2003FFORTUNA X Track1.5.414800Test
94ASUS MaPal 696Windows Mobile 6SiRF Star III1.11.1054800
95Asus MayPal A639Windows Mobile 5included1.11.1054800Works great, without any problems!
96Asus MyPal 636Windows Mobile 5integrated Sirf III1.5.454800Works perfectly, set "COM5" under "hardwareport", other settings don't matter. Fast and lean
97Asus MyPal 636NWindows Mobile 2005integrated Sirf III1.5.454800
98Asus MyPal 716Windows Mobile 2003Globalsat BT-3381.5.4638400Using with NMEA. Does loxtrax work with SIRF? [loxtrax works with SIRF-chipsets, but they have to be in NMEA mode, what is usually the factory default]
99Asus MyPal 730WWindows Mobile 200Nemerix1.5.464800
100ASUS MyPal A632Windows Mobile 5integrated gps1.5.454800
101asus mypal620btWindows Mobile 200rbt20011.5.4738400
102bJcfVRlPGsxVJoyWindows Mobile 5YqIqXbayj1.11.10738400USA
103BlueMedia BM-6280Windows Mobile 2003NNEA-0183(vers 2.2)1.5.414800Funktioniert perfekt!
104cfRKpNrqFyfBfWindows Mobile 5aHIQZnCKVMm1.11.10257600USA
105Cingular/AT&T 3125 (HTC Star Trek)Windows Mobile 5Wintec WBT-2011.11.1014800Unable to install lotrax -- message ".. installation file is not intended for this device" [True, this platform has no touchscreen, which is required. Loxtrax runs on WM5-based Smartphones, not on "WM5 Smartphone"-based phones. Sorry for this confusion, but that goes back to Microsoft]
106clsxTSCepZttPZWindows Mobile 5cDaaplNRIiWjYE1.11.10538400USA
107CnfinYzTcNeRctJLWindows Mobile 5ILNwNCKPZ1.11.1079600USA
108Compaq Ipaq 3870Windows Mobile 2001NMEA 0183v2 Bluetooth1.5.484800
109CPhJPFltfJHkXccWindows Mobile 5tgLFIezJcVjPX1.11.10719200USA
110CuHBidfZWindows Mobile 5XPvEAglxmYzmWMcZl1.11.10257600USA
111dellWindows Mobile 41.11.1014800
112Dell Axim 51-vWindows Mobile 5Dell1.11.984800
113Dell Axim 51vWindows Mobile 5RoyalTet RBT 20001.5.414800Will try soon!
114Dell Axim v51WM 5.0Pharos Bluetooth1.5.484800
115Dell Axim X30Windows Mobile 2003Xaiox Bluetooth GPS1.5.4738400
116Dell Axim X30Windows Mobile 2003 SEHolux GPSlim2361.4.3738400thanks Volker for providing that handy program
117Dell Axim X30Windows Mobile 2003 SELeadtek 9537 Bluetooth1.5.474800
118dell axim x30Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
119Dell Axim X30(h)Windows Mobile 2003 SEHaicom Hi-BT406-C1.5.474800
120Dell Axim X5Windows Mobile 2003Pharos Ostia GPS1.5.454800
121Dell Axim x50VWindows Mobile 2003Holux GPS Slim 2361.5.4738400all o.k.
122Dell Axim X50vWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionTomTom MarkII1.5.414800
123Dell Axim X51vWindows Mobile 2005holux gpslim 2361.5.4738400only just installed but seems to work OK
124Dell Axim x51vWindows Mobile 2005Holux Gr-2361.5.414800
125Dell Axim X51vWindows Mobile 2005iblue1.5.414800
126Dell Axim X51vWindows Mobile 2005OnCourse BBT-3391.5.474800Incredible! Thank you! Still working out some glitches, but for the most part, it does as you claim.
127Dell Axim X51vWindows Mobile 5.0TomTom Bluetooth1.5.414800Doesn't work.... "no valid position" error.... [very likely a configuration issue, user didn't respond to my ideas, Volker]
128drZxpGLyggUNWindows Mobile 5JEHyWVuivP1.11.10338400USA
129DUWxvXLiAHAFXXWindows Mobile 5KsjJEdKvtRc1.11.10219200USA
130EdfDnLalUhTunUwfOWindows Mobile 5wdluOlvawuWmQVhxDM1.11.1029600USA
131EGBqDdQpVTEeRCKWindows Mobile 5ToVzQftaidcpMMHNFwI1.11.10319200sverige.txt;1
132ekIqrjczSNQhDPMwApzWindows Mobile 5tbKjjWFwqv1.11.10857600USA
133EwvfKidxyKlZAOzKpWindows Mobile 5HoKdBgIUZZofGbbRl1.11.10257600USA
134frelvxwRZcgdJtWtXZWindows Mobile 5dLNLissmE1.11.10857600USA
135FueTUtNSXWindows Mobile 5NnYNYtXXqi1.11.10738400USA
136Fujitsu-Siemens Loox 600Windows Mobile 20031.5.414800
137Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 520Windows Mobile 51.5.489600
138Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 600Windows Mobile 2003fortuna pocket tracker1.5.484800very fast
139Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 600Windows Mobile 5RoyalTeK RBT-30001.11.984800
140Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 718Windows Mobile 2003 SEBT-3071.5.464800
141Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 72051.11.1014800
142Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEHAiCOM 303 MMF Compact-Flash GPS Sirf II-Chipsatz1.4.314800connected via 12V Car Adapter
143Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEHolux GPSlim 2361.5.4638400
144Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SENemerix1.4.364800
145Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SERoyalTek RBT-30001.4.36115200Development system. Ran 8:30 with a permanent BT connection at 10°C.
146Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEsysonchip1.5.414800No problems at all.
147Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEsysonchip gps CF Plus II1.5.474800All works very nicely. Impressive product. Runs 5:10 on battery
148Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEXaiox V21.5.469600perfect....
149Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 SEXAiOX Wonde-XL Bluetooth GPS1.4.369600Just works fine !!!
150Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003 Second Editioni-Blue1.5.464800
151Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N500Windows Mobile 5SIRF 3 internal1.5.489600don't use "virtuell" GPS-Port
152Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N500Windows Mobile 5Sirf III1.5.489600
153Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N560Windows Mobile 5built-in SIRF 31.11.989600Loxtrax worked perfectly from the start
154Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox N560Windows Mobile 5embedded1.11.989600
155Fujutsu Siemens Pocket LooxWindows Mobile 5Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W1.5.414800
156Garmin iQue M5Windows Mobile 2003HI-406 BT1.5.479600thanks I'll give it a try and send feedback
157gLqHKszMmbuPiICWZxKWindows Mobile 5yzFFtxoUy1.11.10357600USA
158GurddZNFRWindows Mobile 5cWiUmfbLTe1.11.10538400USA
159HP iPAQ 1940Windows Mobile 2003FAC BT301.5.459600GPS POSITION NO
160HP iPAQ 2200CE4Holux GPSlim2361.5.4838400excellent, though more filters for dops, accuracy offsets altitude offset, would be nice
161HP iPAQ 2200windows 2003 for pda'sHolux GPSlim2361.5.4838400beautiful!
162HP iPAQ 2200windows CE 4.20 (windows mobile 2003 works too)holux GPSlim2361.5.4838400excellent software, Ive emailed about the little problem Immhaving using it
163HP iPAQ 2200 ARMwindows CE 4.2Holux GPSlim2361.5.4838400excellent software, but sometimes mine wont load until after a soft reset [could be a out-of-memory issue, contact us if it persists]
164HP Ipaq 2210Windows Mobile 2003CF-Card1.5.474800
165HP iPAQ 2210Windows Mobile 2003GPSlim2361.5.484800althogh I have installed loxtrax "magnalox Edition" is it not possible to load/see backgroundmaps. [Just contact us if You don't get the map in the example data displayed]
166HP iPAQ 2210Windows Mobile 2003navigon gps bluetoth1.5.4838400navigon 5
167HP iPAQ 2210Windows Mobile 2003RoyalTeK RBT-30001.4.384800
168HP iPAQ 2210Windows Mobile 2003RoyalTek RBT-30001.4.383840057600 Baud
169HP iPAQ 2210Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionFortuna Pocket XTrack CF Card GPS Receiver1.5.474800works fine
170HP IPAQ 2210iWindows Mobile 2003unknown1.5.414800
171HP iPAQ 3115Windows Mobile 2003TOM TOM1.5.469600Good Tracking!
172HP IPAQ 3115Windows Mobile 51.11.919600
173HP iPAQ 4150Windows Mobile 2003Holux 236 (Sirf3)1.4.3638400
174HP IPAQ 4150Windows PPC 2003BT Nemerix GPS MOUSE1.5.4638400it works
175HP iPAQ 4155WM2003GlobalSat BT-3381.11.964800
176HP iPAQ 514 Voice MessengerWindows Mobile 6 StandardXAiOX Wonde-X1.11.1019600Installation NOT working! :-( [It has no touchscreen and an unsupported resolution of 176 x 220. These devices aren't supported by loxtrax. Loxtrax runs on WM6, but not in it's smartphone flavour]
177HP iPAQ 6955Windows Mobile 5Global Locate1.11.9757600A few stumbles to get working, but now fully functional
178HP iPAQ h 2200Windows Mobile 2003TomTom Serial GPS-Mouse1.5.414800
179HP iPAQ H3800Windows Mobile 20021.5.414800loxtrax oder eine der komponenten konnte nicht gefunden werden [Das ist WM2002 - spezifisch. Es scheint einen Weg zu geben, das zu umgehen. Google ? Volker]
180HP iPAQ h3950Windows Mobile 2002CF-GPS1.5.414800does not work - porgram cant be start [WM 2002 issue probably, Volker]
181HP iPaq h5550Windows Mobile 2003TomTom Serial GPS Mouse1.5.414800many functions, great to use
182HP iPAQ H6340Windows Mobile 2003TOM TOM1.5.414800
183HP iPAQ HW 6515eWindows Mobile 20031.5.414800
184HP iPAQ hx 4700Windows Mobile 2003leadtek1.5.484800
185HP iPAQ hx2110Windows Mobile 2003 SEXaiox Wonde-XL BT Nemerix1.4.384800:-)
186HP iPAQ HX2410Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionFalcom NAVI XT Bluetooth1.5.4838400
187HP iPAQ HX4700Windows 2003HAiCOM CF1.11.964800
188HP-Ipaq Rx3715Pocket PC 2003Globalsat BT-359S1.11.964800BT-359 very sensitive. Even works from under Dashboard.
189HP5550Windows Mobile 2003Haicom CF Card1.5.444800Loxtrax and magnalox are superb software for reviewing flights which I appreciate as a pilot much.
190HTC (T-Mobile) MDA CompactWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionTom Tom Bluetooth1.10.454800loxtrax 1.10.9tryout
191HTC 3300 (Artemis)Windows Mobile 5built in1.11.914800
192htc diamondWindows Mobile 51.11.1014800
193htc p330Windows Mobile 5built in1.11.959600
194HTC S710Windows Mobile 6Holux GPSlim 2401.11.1014800Getting a message where it says the program isn't for this device. What about a smartphone app soon? [Loxtrax without a touchscreen interface doesn't make much sense at the moment. But never say never..]
195HTC T-MOBILE DASHWindows Mobile 51.11.1014800
196HTC TouchWindows Mobile 6Garmin GPS 101.11.964800
197HTC TrinityWindows Mobile 5built-in1.11.9957600
198HTC TyTNWindows Mobile 5Xaiox Instantfix1.5.414800
199HTC Universal / AdvantageWindows Mobile 6XAIO (Universal) / builtin (Advantage)1.11.1049600will give it a try now.
200I-mate Pda 2kWindows Mobile 2003 SEHolux GR 2311.5.419600quite handy, can stick battery powered gps mouse on top of bag, and keep pda safe in a padded pocket
201IBM Thinkpad 770XWindows XP with ServicePack2GPS Mouse on USB1.5.414800[Now that's somewhat irritating, loxtrax on XP. Please contact me for clearance, Volker]
202IGNfGWtpULWindows Mobile 5LwzolBZfuRhM1.11.10319200USA
203iURiHfvHKLEQJWindows Mobile 5kNSsItEwuodpnBnbiGV1.11.1089600USA
204JCdibpXEkJEIewvuDblWindows Mobile 5FmfooWErWjcOnIylATd1.11.10719200These tools japan should open Dynamics GP user workstation screens similar as if Mother Nature herse
205JIsuGzuzWijQXqlbWindows Mobile 5gXfarcXr1.11.1089600USA
206Life DriveWindows Mobile 51.11.914800
207luccaWindows Mobile 51.11.1014800
208MDA compactPPC2003T-Mobile BT mouse1.11.944800
209MDA CompactWindows Mobile 2003 SE1.5.464800
210MDA Compact (= Qtek S100)Windows Mobile 2003 SE1.5.4538400
211MDA IIWindows Mobile 2001.5.414800
212MDA II (t-mobile)Windows Mobile 2003 SEFortuna BT GPS Clip-on1.5.47115200loxtrax V. 1.9.7
213MDA IIIWindows Mobile 2002NONAME1.5.414800
214MDA One Touch plusWindows Mobile 6Wintec WBT 2011.11.10257600hardware com 1 and virtuell com 2
215MDA VarioWindows Mobile 2005RoyalTek BT mini1.5.464800It doesn't find the GPS-mouse (odgps works fine under the same conditions !!)[Must be a configuration issue, did you try COM 1? Another user reported success on this device/port.]
216MDA Vario (T-Mobile)Windows Mobile 2005OASIS Media1.5.414800
217MedionWindows Mobile 20031.5.414800
218Medion 2910Windows Mobile 20031.11.1014800
219Medion 2910Windows Mobile 2003integrated1.5.414800
220Medion 95330 PNAwin CE 4.2PNA1.5.424800it is not easy to install parallel to navigon software
221Medion GPS System MDPNA1500Windows Mobile 5.0NMEA-0183(ver.2.2)1.5.414800
222Medion MD 2910Windows Mobile 20031.5.414800
223Medion MD-95000Windows Mobile 2003build in1.5.414800
224Medion MD41600Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.20.1081 (Build 13100Medion Sdif 3 Maus über Kabel1.5.414800Lotrax erkennt die Maus aber bringt nur die Meldung "no valid GPS data" [vermutlich sendet Maus nicht die erwarteten Sentences, Volker]
225Medion MD96700Windows Mobile 2005internal1.5.444800
226Medion MDPNA1500 MD95Windows Mobile 5.0Build in SirFIII1.5.414800easy installation, works fine
227Medion PNA 100 == RoyalTek RTW-1000Windows Mobile 2003NMEA-01831.5.414800
228Medion PNA 100 == RoyalTek RTW-1000Windows Mobile 2003 PremiumBuilt In SiRFII with Helix antenna.1.5.414800Nice software! Good work, keep on!
229Medion Pocket pc mdpc 150Windows Mobile 2003NMEA-01831.5.414800
230Medion PocketPC MD 95730/ MDPPC150MS PocketPC 2003 V4.20.0 BUILD 14053GPS Interface NMEA-0183 V3.011.5.414800
231MicroMax MM 95242 (PNA 150)Windows CE 4.2 Net1.5.424800
232Microsoft Pocket PC v4.20.0Windows Mobile 51.11.1014800
233Mio DigiWalker 360Windows Mobile 51.11.1044800
234mio168microsoft pocket pc 4.20.0build in1.11.1024800works just fine!
235mio701Windows Mobile 51.11.10457600
236Mitac Mio 168Windows Mobile 2003Built-in1.5.424800
237Mitac Mio A 701Windows Mobile 5built in SiRF 31.11.9257600works great, small and fast
238Mitac Mio A201Windows Mobile 2005Built in, Sirfstar III1.5.424800Works perfectly! Huge thanks
239Mitac Mio A201Windows Mobile 5Build-In1.5.424800
240Mitac Mio A701Windows Mobile 2005built-in Sirf Star III1.5.444800No problems
241Mitac Mio A701Windows Mobile 5built-in Sirf Star III1.9.4238400works very smooth when the GPS is correctly configured
242MjVeJlwCNlWindows Mobile 5TVAUJsPcWz1.11.1089600USA
243motorola razrWindows Mobile 51.11.914800
244MsuPtjQEhORzSHxWindows Mobile 5XiroDFXdfnRKk1.11.10238400USA
245Myguide 6500xlWindows Mobile 20031.5.514800
246MYGUIDE Navigator 6500 XL (LIDL)Windows Mobile 2003on board1.5.424800SchwarzerDidi
247Navman PiN100Windows Mobile 2003 SENavman PiN1001.4.324800Installation was easy. Very useful program that supliments the software installed on the PDA.
248neoWindows Mobile 5NaviLOCK, BT-3381.11.964800super projekt - Danke
249Nokia N80 Symbian S60 3rd BT-359 1.11.1014800using AFTrack not Loxtrax
250Nokia N80Symbian S60 3rdBT-3591.11.914800using AFTrack not Loxtrax
251nYvOnhdRWindows Mobile 5BwpHmUjP1.11.1049600USA
252O2 XDA miniWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionRoyalTek RBT-30001.5.454800works great ... it's funny to see my magnalog on the PDA
253O2 XDA Orbit2Windows Mobile 6QstarZ BT-Q1000X1.11.101115200
254O2 XDAIIiWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionHOLUX GR-2361.5.4638400
255oiJRVWPefpRaGQDHwiaWindows Mobile 5kiEJJGRlyYwApDNwf1.11.1029600By the way to bypass Prohibition laws, since we needed to persuade them to contain only the rich do
256OIuDmMKffnqtgWindows Mobile 5plOruzXcLySaF1.11.10719200USA
257orangeWindows Mobile 51.11.914800
258Orange spv m2000 (i-mate PDA 2k)Windows Mobile 2003Bt 3381.5.464800
259PcMPVfGPbYdgJLzWindows Mobile 5fewPNNtTzYcy1.11.1049600USA
260Pocket Loox 720Windows Mobile 2003Royal Tek RBT 10001.11.1014800
261PPC-6700Windows Mobile 5Holux M10001.11.10457600Works great so far
262pWFtgKWqWindows Mobile 5XpdJAytMfuAxdDtsA1.11.10438400USA
263QeMsmTrqDtSLPruthxWindows Mobile 5WUbEEyahQUpJcGdYyW1.11.10257600USA
264QTEK 9090Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionTomTom Bluetooth GPS1.5.414800
265QTEK 9100Windows Mobile 2005Socket GPS Receiver BT1.5.414800looks good :-) tx
266Qtek 9100 (O2-Mini S)Windows Mobile 5Holux 2361.5.464800Map Calibration does not work - only if the file is renamed with MirrorData. I'm very sad about that [It actually works, turned out to be a documentation and/or comprehension weakness, Volker]
267QTek S 200Windows Mobile 2005RoyalTek RBT-30001.5.4619200Very fast on this not so fast hardware
268QTek S 200Windows Mobile V5Xaiox Bluetooth GPS1.10.9657600Just what I was looking for: small, fast and efficient. Live tracking simply works.
269Qtek s100Windows Mobile 2003globalsat st-3381.5.414800
270Qtek S100Windows Mobile 2003 Second EditionTomTom WirelessGPS MKII1.5.459600A fantastic little tool!
271Qtek S100, HTC Magician, I-Windows Mobile 2001.5.414800
272ReconWindows Mobile 2003Trimble1.5.414800
273rfJraORwdlzUWindows Mobile 5mcACGFiTy1.11.10838400USA
274samsung omniaWindows Mobile 6.1route 661.11.1034800
275samsung omniaWindows Mobile 6.1route 661.11.1014800
276Samsung Omnia i910Windows Mobile 6.1Qstarz BT-1000Platinum1.11.1064800
277sda musicWindows Smartphone OS 2003navibe GB732 (sirf 3)1.11.914800lotrax doesn't run on windows mobile 3 /CE :-( [This device has no touchscreen, so loxtrax' user interface doesn't make much sense on that platform, sorry.]
278sHDDeQBwCupXxahHWindows Mobile 5xJPzBeuZt1.11.10819200USA
279T-Mobil MDA IWindows Mobile 2002HI-203E1.5.414800I canīt install Loxtrax "St. Ed.". One File is missing. I donīt know which. [WM 2002 issue probably, Volker]
280T-Mobile MDAWindows Mobile 51.11.106115200
281T-Mobile MDA CompactWindows Mobile 2003 Second EditionNavilock BT 3381.5.4538400
282T-Mobile MDA II compactWindows Mobile 51.11.914800
283T-Mobile MDA3Windows Mobile 2003 SE, V4.21.1088Xaiox Bluetooth1.5.464800No problems :-))
284TbAIFZKRITTbSCXTcWindows Mobile 5LsZTYGEpQK1.11.1069600USA
285TDA NomadWindows Mobile 61.11.1024800
286tmdcjJHuWindows Mobile 5YjzWTbhxeDUczNA1.11.10738400USA
287Toshiba 750e WifiWindows Mobile 2003 (flashed)CF-30LP1.5.424800I am testing now
288Typhoon MyGuide 4500SDWindows Mobile 2003SIRF II1.5.414800
289Typhoon MyGuide XL 5500Windows Pocket PC
290TZnmeoyQJeWindows Mobile 5cJuAXaxWgLRWK1.11.1059600USA
291UCsBsZYdFnBYWindows Mobile 5sJHlGzTpDc1.11.10657600USA
292VmmPCxhjXCCJezRamhyWindows Mobile 5CHzkaxaMSIdaFlNbuY1.11.10638400USA
293VPA Compact IIIWindows Mobile 5Wintec WBT 2011.11.959600
294VPA IIIWindows Mobile 2003???1.1.414800
295vx6700Windows Mobile 20031.5.414800
296vXLBenzZMTJzKGjEWindows Mobile 5FhnGkbwM1.11.10357600greg.txt;1;3
297wjysbBiQYTWindows Mobile 5mshNoBqMFgyB1.11.10538400USA
298wSFFboEeOtdEqRUELWindows Mobile 5gOynYpfcFwQejtVO1.11.10219200USA
299XDA IIiWindows Mobile 2003Holux GR230-BK1.11.9938400
300XDA OrbitWindows Mobile 5built into the phone1.11.1064800Loxtrax fails to load, locks after the 2nd liecence screen or it loads but can not change screens [Must be a matter of configuration, your device is also known as "HTC 3300 Artemis", which is noted in this list. Is the GPS in NMEA mode?]
301xFOTyDuBYsWindows Mobile 5XTUZooKnA1.11.10338400USA
302xhHKqbpYOTJoFTWindows Mobile 5ZfiqvtdnmnymQMn1.11.1039600USA
303Yakuma deltaX 5 BTWindows Mobile 51.11.1044800
304Yakumo Alpha GPSWindows Mobile 2003intern1.5.484800your service is a nice surprice
305Yakumo DeltaWindows Mobile 20021.5.414800
306Yakumo Delta 300 GPSWindows Mobile 2003?1.5.424800
307Yakumo delta 300 GPS 2LWindows Mobile 2003 SE1.5.424800
308Yakumo Delta XWindows Mobile 5Integrated1.11.944800
309Yakumo Delta X BTWindows Mobile 5Intigratet Sirf III1.11.944800Possibly works - we'll see
310YwlMfSKkWindows Mobile 5CRdcwEcBEnpREM1.11.10638400USA