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  •  Thu, 30.07.09 15:00   #101490

    Tracking the Great Pacific Longitude Race 2009

    The »Singlehanded Sailing Society from San Francisco is currently tracking the »2009 GREAT PACIFIC LONGITUDE RACE ("LongPac") using magnalox' infrastructure and technology.

    The regatta goes from Golden Gate out to the 126 40' West logitude and back, 25 sailboats take part. The tracking page can be found ›here.
  •  Thu, 18.06.09 12:21   #101486

    Encinal Yacht Club Coastal Cup 2009 tracking

    Magnalox currently tracks the Encinal Coastal Cup, a race from San Francisco to the Catalina island close to Los Angeles. The boats participating have a small, battery driven tracker on board, which transmits the positions over the a satellite network and thus is independant from land based cellular networks.

    The race can be displayed in a browser window, on Google Maps or on Google Earth
  •  Wed, 12.11.08 10:11   #101469

    Caribbean 1500 Regatta live tracked on magnalox

    We currently track a »regatta with 49 ships taking part from Hampton, Virginia, USA to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

    The fleet is divided into a »racing- and a »cruising-class, which can be viewed using magnalox, Google Maps and Google Earth. Just click the links offered in the lower left tool bar.

    The network used for data transmission is Globalstar, a world wide sat-telephony provider.
    The hardware on the ships is a pizza-box sized, completely independent, self-powered satellite modem with a built-in GPS subsystem. No external antenna or other cabling is required, the system works without any user intervention.

    The update interval is adjustable, currently set to one new position every four hours.
  •  Thu, 07.08.08 11:17   #101464

    New: all magnalogs are now downloadable for all

    Each magnalog is now freely downloadable for all visitors. The file formats available are:
    • .gpx, readable by many GPS applications
    • .ovl, readable by the Top50 software and others
    • loxtrax files: Tracks, descriptions (POIs) and maps for loxtrax, our GPS application for Windows Mobile PDAs
    • .kmz, readable by Google Earth, Worldwind and others
    The download links can be found in the menubar of each magnalog.
    These ressources were previously only accessible for registered users.
  •  Thu, 29.05.08 09:28   #101452

    New: Display magnalogs with Google Earth within your browser

    You can now view magnalogs in 3D even without starting Google Earth.

    We added a 5th button that shows the 3D version within the map space. Just click the "Earth"-button (top right) now available in all ›magnalogs.

    The viewer position is animated like in the 2D versions. You can switch to a ›full screen version by clicking "large" in the "map display" section below the map.

    When clicked for the first time, a clickable download link for the required plugin is displayed.

    The plugin is currently available for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers running under Windows.

    Note that the ›full KML version generated by magnalox still has more display features such as graphs in 3D etc.

    This new viewing method is now available for all existing magnalogs.